Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thrifty Gifts from the Kitchen

First, Energy Neutral has a new look! I finally took some down time and used it to figure out how to work with the blogger templates. Things should be prettier and easier to find now, although almost everything that you've come to expect should still be able to be found in the same place. I hope you like it!

This weekend was very busy! I went down to RI on Friday afternoon because my fiancé had to work on Sunday, so I wanted to make sure I was there when he got off work. Saturday morning I did another cross race, which was... ok. My brakes at least worked this time! But I got stuck behind a ton of crashes and people who managed to get in my way on the few favorable to me/ uphill parts of the course. After hanging out some with the MIT team, I went back to Providence and my fiancé and I went out for brunch, did some Christmas window shopping, and hung out for a lazy Saturday afternoon. Sunday, I rode my bike up to the north shore to support my biffle in a half marathon! I also ran into my brother, his girlfriend, and the younger brother of one of my best friends from college. So it was basically a huge party even though it was really freaking cold! I did make the 40 mile trip mostly ok (although there was a bridge fiasco) and got to see the Witch's House in Salem, passed through Manchester by the Sea and got some good base miles in. I got up very early to get there on time so there were some really breathtaking views along the way.

Anyways... this week we'll be doing another series! If you think you'll be getting a gift from me this year... you might not want to read the blog this week! Or your surprise may be ruined. However, if you don't mind a hint and you need thrifty gift ideas, the posts this week will be right up your alley. Each day, I'll be profiling some do it yourself gift ideas that come from the kitchen and the heart. Most days, we'll be using repurposed materials (jars food came in, paper bags) for the packaging so get ready! These will be great gifts for your eco-conscious friends and they'll be great for your wallet too! Monday starts off the week with a travel cookie jar you can make and fill for just under $1.

Gettin' in the Christmas spirit here in Cambridge!

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