Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pennsylvania and Connecticut

I've been traveling the northeast to visit my family in Pennsylvania and my fiancé's in Connecticut. Compared to what I'm used to in Cambridge, the riding here is excellent. I was a bit bummed in PA: snow blew up about half of an hour into my favorite ride, which caused me to turn around, but fortunately allowed me to get some practice in riding in snow. My favorite ride is a ride up to Blue Mountain, where my best friend who passed away in 2010 and I used to go skiing as kids. I like to take the 70 mile ride solo and spend the time thinking about her. Instead, I got to ride home in snow and spend a few more hours on the trainer.

The weather in CT has been slightly more cooperative. And by that I mean today I was able to go for a 40 mile rain in just-above-freezing rain with my future father in law. He was kind enough to show me the roads and hills, I repaid by nearly giving him frostbite. I was doing ok, but I had included a slightly better arsenal of waterproofing in my gear for the day, so I was able to finish the ride on the trainer in the basement after my fiancé came to rescue us from a neighboring town. Yesterday though, we fared much better, which was when I took the picture above. My fiancé and I went for a little hike in nearby Sessions Woods. My favorite view on the hike was a semi-frozen waterfall we found on an off-shooting trail, but our camera died before we reached that destination. The above photo was from a fire tower, overlooking the landscape of the area. Tomorrow, the weather looks colder, but clearer so I will try another ride! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your travels too!

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