About Me

Hi! I'm a competitive cyclist and an assistant professor of chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University. Cycling and cooking are my favorite hobbies and I love talking about both of them! Before becoming a cyclist, I was an elite rower, competing on the US Rowing National team and earning a bronze medal at the World Championships in 2009. Shortly after "making it" as a rower, I injured my shoulder and a myriad of other injuries followed. I started taking an interest in nutrition as a means to healing. One thing led to another, and now I'm a vegetarian. Join me on my journey as I explore plant based nutrition as a means for recovery, performance, and fun!

Hiking Mt. Washington, summer of 2012


  1. Stef, congrats on your win at Killington. Nice job. Very impressive. And I wish you luck and hope you stay safe trhoughout the season. I am writing to see if you may have any insight to the crash in Stage 1 since I was knocked out and severly inured...nearly killed. I hit the pavement headfirst - my skull and eye socket were literally crushed and brain knocked around badly. I do know I was well past the finish line and I know someone hit me from behind locking my back wheel. I have very clear recollection that there was nobody in front of me or in my way so I am 99% certain someone rammed into me. I can't get any answers. I heard that others were injured and I heard there was a second "wave" of unruly riders that crossed the finish line. That's all I know. My racing career is over and I have no answers. If you have any information or know anyone that can explain what happened, I really want to know. Good luck to you. email: lludwig324@gmail.com

  2. P.S. Forgot to mention that I placed 9th in Stage 1 at KSR so I was in the front group. The first wave that finished.