Thursday, December 5, 2013

Butternut Chickpea Soup

As soon as the weather becomes remotely cold, I start eating soup for dinner. I usually get home from lab sometime around or after 9pm and the last thing I want to do before having dinner is fuss with a bunch of ingredients. Soup keeps well in the fridge and warms me up after a cold day in my office or a frosty ride home. Soups like this one, that are high in protein are especially nice because they serve as a "one pot wonder" where your vegetables and protein are conveniently combined into one dish. That way, I only have to worry about heating and eating one thing before I can think about bed! (or doing core, calling my fiance, fixing my bike... all the things that I guess are the reason normal people leave work at 5pm)

This soup has a nice smooth flavor from the butternut squash and chickpeas. I spiced it with cinnamon, chili pepper, garlic, and a touch of maple syrup. I made this soup with butternut squash, because I accidentally picked up an extra bag of the frozen cubed stuff at the super market. This could easily be made with pumpkin too!

Butternut Chickpea Soup

1/2 bag frozen cubed butternut squash
1 can chickpeas
3c water
cinnamon, crushed red pepper, garlic, and maple syrup to taste

Defrost the butternut squash in the microwave. Transer to food processor with chickpeas and spices. Food process until smooth. Transfer to large pot and add water. Bring to a boil. Taste test and add any extra spices you need. Enjoy! This recipe makes about 3 bowls, so if you want more, double it!


  1. this looks great- I have been looking for a quick easy soup recipe for the canned chunks of bnut squash I put up earlier. there are lots of pureed squash soup recipes but I always like protein in my soups and never thought about pureeing beans into the soup!!

  2. Becky, yes! I love hiding chickpeas in my soup. Tomato-chickpea-basil soup is also killer! :)

    1. Oh! And you can try adding ginger to this recipe as well. I've added it in the past & really liked it, but was out when I was testing/ publishing this recipe :)