Monday, March 17, 2014

Irish Soda Bread

Happy St. Patrick's Day! May the luck 'o the Irish be with you today and always. I love St. Patrick's Day! Mostly because it's an excuse to wear copious amounts of green (my favorite color) and my best friend growing up was Irish. This year, I saw Irish soda bread all over at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and so decided that I needed to make my own, since all the store-bough versions had sugar. Luckily, I found this recipe from Happy Herbivore, which turned out great! I left out the optional sugar, but other than that stuck with the recipe. I found that I preferred to eat it topped with peanut butter, rather than butter, but this may be because I have an unnatural obsession with the combination of peanut butter and raisins.

The past several weekends have been low-key, as my cycling training has been shifting gears from LSD (long slow distance, not the drug!) to higher intensity stuff. Specifically I just got off of a rest week, which was desperately needed. This weekend, I even got Saturday off! Last weekend though, I did some exploring in Rhode Island and found some really lovely roads. While usually, crocuses and shamrocks go hand in hand, this year it's still winter here! I've also been experimenting a lot with sugar-free baking (including carrot cake muffins and a lime cheesecake) but I have to report that none of my treats have yet been as successful as my PB&J cookies.

Toxic weathering another windy, cold, salty ride. It is still definitely winter here in New England!

Mini horses. I found Lil' Sebastian!!


  1. Stef - as always i love your blog, but I need some suggestions for grain-free baking. I like the black bean brownie and the gingerbread blondie recipes, but would LOVE LOVE LOVE other suggestions! I'm dabbling in the no-grain world for metabolic efficiency purposes, but I'm still a HWW at heart so my only solace right now is ice cream... help!?

  2. Ahh! Grain free is tough, but I've been trying to move towards unrefined grains too. But I do a lot of oats... There are a few others under the gluten free tab though. (I'm specifically thinking of the 4-ingredient chocolate peppermint chickpea cookies, if you haven't tried those. I posted them right around the time you got married so you may not have seen them :) )
    Thrive by Brendian Brasier has some great grain-free recipes, but not much baking.
    One thing you might have fun with... while the filling of the lime cheesecake mentioned above was eh, the almond/ date crust was awesome! I'm probably going to make it again with a filling like this: or just keep it simple and sautee up some apples in cinnamon for the filling.
    Challenge accepted though :)

    1. Also, these
      will blow your mind! They are so good! You could substitute the oats for extra almonds. I'm hoping to make a peanut butter or almond butter version sometime soon. :)

  3. I'm pretty sure we are called 'adopted Irish'.